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Decade Long Trend Towards “Green” Packaging Continues

According to Packaging World, an industry resource covering packaging news, trends and innovations, the biggest buzz in the industry in the last decade has been the move toward “green” packaging:

For nearly a decade, the biggest buzz in packaging has been the move toward sustainability, or “green” packaging. Driven by retailer requirements, public perception, economic pressures (petroleum, in particular), and government policies, sustainability impacts every aspect of a package—from the source of its raw materials to its end of life—and as such has proven to be an incredibly complex issue.

A recent Packaging World article offers ten tips for sustainable packaging design, including taking a lifecycle approach to packaging design, evaluating each component of your package, and considering new alternatives for distribution packaging.

Those considering a move to environmentally friendly packaging alternatives should take a serious look at eco friendly stone paper®. Paper made from stone is durable, waterproof, tear resistant, fire resistant, grease resistant, mould resistant, insect proof, and FDA-approved food grade.

The potential uses of strong and versatile stone paper® are mind-boggling – boxes and packaging, food containers and food packaging, reusable tote bags, paper bags, gift bags, gift boxes, brochures and flyers, display board, custom signs and banners, outdoor flag banners and signs, promotional goods, print paper and paper supplies, maps, wallpaper, blinds…

To learn more about how to make sure your next package development project is environmentally as well as financially sustainable, read the entire article on the Packaging World site.

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