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Creative Packaging – Thinking Outside of the Box

Truly creative packaging has the power to surprise and delight consumers. Take the pretty swirlies on the new Holiday Season Bombay Sapphire Gin packaging, which light up and move when you lift the box off the shelf, the result of electroluminescent inks and a hidden switch on the bottom. A definite one up on the cold-activated design on the Coors Light can.

Or the clever “anti-theft” sandwich bags with green mold-like splotches printed on each side to discourage would-be lunch thieves. “Don’t let a sticky-fingered coworker or schoolyard bully get away with lunch theft again!” exhorts the sales copy.

Coca Cola recently released an energy drink in the Netherlands called Burn which features a resealable top, prompting to suggest “If you can’t finish an energy drink in one sitting, maybe you should, oh I dunno, CONSIDER ASKING YOUR MOMMY FOR A SIPPY-CUP”.

Kids and adults alike appreciate the imaginative packaging of candy wrappers, ice cream cups and raisin boxes that turn into bobble heads and other toys, and the practical popcorn packaging that transforms to a serving bowl.

Then there are the cutesy juice boxes that resemble fruit, the coconut water packaged in a real split coconut, and ingenious hanger tea – individual tea bags in the shape of t-shirts on colour-coded hangers that fit on the side of your cup. I also came across some extremely realistic-looking cigarette tea bags, but I strongly suspect that they are a gag.

How about the Lady Gaga inspired “meat shorts” printed with a well-marbled steak-like pattern, packaged in Styrofoam and shrink wrap with a label that suggests they’re fresh from the butcher’s? Also way out there – body soap packaging is in the shape of a realistic human torso, right down to the bellybutton.

Reebok got inventive when they packaged their climbing shoes so they cling upside down to the lid of the show box when opened. And Mr. Clean got both inventive and practical with its dumbbell-shaped packaging that can be filled with water to make work out weights when empty.

When you’re dreaming up your terribly clever packaging (or packaging redesign), remember strong, waterproof, greaseproof, fire resistant and food safe stone paper®. Environmentally friendly stone paper® comes in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, and can be gusseted, heat sealed, sewn, mounted with grommets, and outfitted with things like cotton, nylon, rope and ribbon. The uses of durable and versatile stone paper® are limited only by your imagination!

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